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Northern California has so much to offer in fishing adventures, that it's very easy to overlook what we have available right in front of us. 
Where else can you fish for Chinok Salmon (King), Stripers, and Steelhead all within the realm of Sacramento's downtown. While on the water you'd think we were many miles away from Sacramento while on the American River, when in reality we are right in the middle of approx 1 million people and 5 minutes from downtown. 
The Sacramento River and the Delta System has had many problems over the years, primarily the water issue, but still promotes a good fishery for Sturgeon , and Stripers.  With the reopening of our Salmon season in 2012 is looking very good both in the ocean and in the rivers, there is much for us to look forward to.
  Living in the Bay area the first 34 years of my life I have seen the Bay develop into a great Halibut fishery, Leopard Sharks,Sturgeon, Stripers move in and out according to the season. Many other species of fish are here also, white Seabass for one has entered our bay over the last few years which gives us another opportunity to fish. 
  Our Ocean is spectacular going out the Golden Gate seeing the Bay area Skyline, there's nothing more beautiful, it holds many species of fish like Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut,Salmon, Tuna, and many other types also. 
  I have to admit I am a romantic at heart about Northern California, because among all the hustle and bustle, traffic and many people, it's a terrific area to fish and enjoy what mother nature has given to us. 
  To those of you that think this sounds corny--- to some of you that it makes perfectly good sense, enjoy our surroundings, Fish for some spectacular fish and some not so spectacular.( I stll haven't met a fish I didn't like to catch.) 

The most important point is whether you fish with me or on your own boat or someone else's boat, HAVE FUN<>GO FISHING<>TAKE A FRIEND!

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Thanks for taking the time to see what we have to offer. Captain Bill Clapp                    
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