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Bill's Sportfishing and Guide Service
              Contact Me               916-947-6441
  My name is Bill Clapp, I am a licensed USCG Master I spend 12 months a year on the water, both fresh and salt.
I have fished the waters of the San Francisco Bay and Ocean for more than 30 years. Since moving to Rancho Cordova 25 years ago, I've been fishing the waters surrounding the Sacramento and Delta area. It's still fun having the American River within 5 minutes from the house and being able to fish with my sons for Steelhead, Stripers or Shad either wading or from my driftboat.
Whether trolling for Salmon and Stripers on the Sacramento River, the lower American, or Feather River, trolling or bait fishing for Stripers and Sturgeon on the Delta, or fishing the Bay or Ocean you'll  find me on the water or doing my maintainence on the boats.
Northern California is not only my home but playground for what I Love to do, FISH!!!
Charter Fishing the San Francisco Bay and Delta on a 6 Pack boat is quite an expierence for yourself and friends or family members.
       Just the idea of being with your friends and family
for a fun day on the water, whether its Halibut fishing 
on the San Francisco Bay, or out the Golden Gate to
target Salmon, Rockfish, Lingcod, Stripers, Tuna, is 
both exciting and exhilerating; you also have the 
opportunity to fish our beautiful Delta and Sacramento
waterways for our Sturgeon, Stripers, Salmon, whether bait fishing or Trolling  for these prestigous 
game fish.
       A driftboat trip on the American River for 2 
amoung the abundant wildlife area smack dab in the middle of 1 million people that at that time you don,t hear or see just the nature and river around you, with a nice Steelhead  pulling hard  dancing across the water wanting his freedom to get back to his river.